High Five Properties application process is simple. Schedule an appointment to see the home you would like to rent. If you like the unit then fill out an application form and pay a one time credit check fee per applicant.

Application Process

Agent will screen the first completed application submitted. If there are multiple applicants for a unit and the first applicant takes the unit, Agent will return or destroy other applicants’ credit check fees without cashing them. Fees are cashed when applicant is screened. If two applicants fill out applications at the same time, Agent will flip a coin to determine priority.

To be approved, applicants must have good credit. Good credit is considered no bankruptcies, a minimum of late payments, and no collection items. Compromised credit or a bankruptcy may be off-set at Agent’s discretion by an additional security deposit, pre-paid last month’s rent, or the addition of a qualified guarantor/co-signor or both.

Criminal charges will be evaluated according to the following Criminal Criteria with no exceptions. Guarantors/co-signors must agree to credit, criminal, and eviction screening and must pay the screening fee. Guarantors/co-signors must have no criminal charges, good credit and adequate income to apply towards applicant’s rent in addition to guarantor’s current housing expenses and other financial commitments. Guarantors must sign a guarantor and co-signor agreement to pay rent if applicant fails to do so.

To be approved applicants must have good rental references, and no evictions or 72 hour notices within the last five years. Rent must have been paid on time with no more than 2 late rents OR NSF checks in a one year period and all late fees and NSF fees must have been paid in full.

To be approved applicants must have good employment references. Income requirements for the household are gross income of 2.5 times the rent. Self-employed applicants must show evidence of income with a 1099 or bank statement.

If applicant is between jobs, unemployed, or a full time student, applicant can meet the income criteria with the addition of guarantor or evidence of savings, investment income, or other income that can be applied towards rent. Any false or misleading information provided on the application will result in rejection of the application. Name, social security number, and birth date provided on the application must match information provided by the credit bureaus for applicant to qualify.

Application Payment

Credit check fees are $35 per applicant. Screening fee and completed application should be submitted to High Five Properties. Each person intending to occupy the unit must agree to a credit, criminal, and eviction screening and must appear on the lease.

Move-in expenses are a security deposit that is the same amount as rent. The security deposit and any pet deposit are due prior to lease being signed and holds the unit for the applicant.

First month’s rent is due the day the lease begins and is pro-rated accordingly. The security deposit and pet deposit are refundable with the exception of carpet cleaning. Pet deposits are $50 per cat and $200 per dog and are fully refundable. Late fees are $50 for units rented for under $1500 and $75 for units over $1500. NSF fees are a charge of $35 plus the bank fees.

Criminal Criteria

Upon receipt of the rental application and screening fee, Owner/Agent will conduct a search of public records to determine whether the applicant or any proposed tenant has charges pending for, been convicted of, or pled guilty or no contest to, any: drug-related crime; person crime; sex offense; crime involving financial fraud, including identity theft and forgery; or any other crime if the conduct for which the applicant was convicted or is charged is of a nature that would adversely affect property of the landlord or a tenant or the health, safety or right of peaceful enjoyment of the premises of residents, the landlord, or the landlord’s agent.